May. 27th, 2011

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Do preschoolers need mandatory screen time?

This is an interesting article. Have a read and then perhaps have a look at my thoughts… they don’t really specify what ‘screen time’ is. I like CCFC, but this seems manipulative. I agree. with limiting children’s exposure to commercial media (tv, computers, games, videos, toys, fashion, print images). But buy going after ‘screens’ rather than commercial media, they’re being anti-inclusive. The use of ipads for ASD children, the use of non-commercial children focused open source operating systems like ubuntu, non-commerical constructivist learning environments like minecraft or WorldofGoo, and social media technologies that have a positive impact on a child’s sense of self and knowledge of the world/culture/identity, all point to positive uses of technology. And as for the issue of obesity, food choices and physical activity are more useful solutions than removing screens. When I go into the an early learning environment and see them spending so time sitting around, waiting for teacher, waiting for everyone to take their turn (of say 20 children), lining up, etc., they’re not being physically active or engaged in hands-on meaningful learning, I don’t see how removing the 2 computers that are sometimes used, is going to help anyone.

Children are immersed in technology, and by ignoring it, banning it or mindlessly embracing it, we ignore the opportunity to constructively challenge corporate and commercial interests. Meaningful use of technology goes hand in hand with meaningful learning opportunities, physical activities and food choices. I’m not a fan of sticking my head in the sand :)

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