Aug. 26th, 2003

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Here's a question for folks with a diverrsity of experience with blogs and other personal content management systems. I've been teaching with blogs using various tools for a couple of years (LJ, Moveabletype, Blogger, Twiki), and before that with about every other collaborative toy. Right now it take forever for me to massage even 30 MT accounts for a term's work. And I really like how LJ works with collaboration.

I have no problems setting up things like Phpnuke, ojs, mt, phpWebSite, all with mysql backends, and virtual servers and the like, but the LJ documentation is really sending me for a spin. I'm no programmer.

So, the question is which is going to be less work... setting up LJ for 100 students, or creating 100 directories, 100 blogs and 100 accounts for moveabletype. The latter is about as much fun as a brain transfir via snailmail.

And which would be an easier install? Linux8.* or OSX 10.2? I've not got mysql on the linux box at the moment, so I'd like to do it on the OSX if there are no obvious cautions.

Thanks in advance.


PS: if anyone's a university of toronto student and an LJ installWiz and wants to volunteer some time...

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