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I just got the info regarding my talk on Learning Inquiry at AERA in March:

61.013. Journal Talks: Session 3. AERA Sessions
Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers, Metropolitan
Ballroom, Metropolitan East, 2nd Floor
4:05 pm to 5:35 pm

If you’re at the conference, drop by!

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Yuka and I went to see chika hori and her kamishibai (japanese storytelling) show at the PUREWAWA family arts event - TORONTO - October 29 - Toronto in dufferin grove park organized by Yoshi and Chie, two local musicians. Aside from Chika there was work by tomolennon, and Jerome Godboo was playing.

The wonderful lion!
The wonderful lion and the wall...
Where's the story?
Singing Girl.
Yuka and Chika
Chika's Kamishibai

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Ex-Lemmingworks. ##.

On tuesday yuka and I saw Sankai Juku perform Kagemi in Toronto. Sankai Juku is my favourite dance group, and the video in that link will show you. Yuka knows one of the dancers online, and it was a joy to see someone you have talked to move like that. Ichi is the dancer second on your left.


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Natacha Atlas is playing at the Phoenix tonight! I’m not going, but I hope someone is! She’s amazing.

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Ex-Lemmingworks. ##.

I was about to post on this, cause i read it on /. but then I realized that everyone was doing it, so I’d just point to someone who had more spare time than I do… like Catspaw!

Nearly half of Radcliffe Publishing Course’s “top 100 novels of the 20th century” were banned at some point. This is not an occurrence from distant history. This is still happening today.

This week Google is promoting the American Library Association’s “Celebrate your Freedom to Read” campaign against banning books.


Catsy seems to be cutting in on Rochelle’s job of being a force for good.

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I ran across this article”Is tech injuring children?” on c|net today. RSI is always an issue when dealing with technology, and especially when you’re dealing with growing individuals. Personally, I think that this has nothing to do with technology at all. I think it has everything to do with curriculum and pedagogy… that is, the choices we make about what we do and learn in our lives. Technology is just the location. I can imagine that a healthy body that is doing many things and is also using computers isn’t going to run into problems. But a body crammed in front of a computer to the exclusion of other things…

Blogging is ok. But blog about the cycling ride you took to go rock climbing, don’t blog about the 14 hours you played video games. Or blog about calligraphy, guitar playing, yoga, organic gardening. Tech is not injuring children… we are.

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Silicon Graphics goes titsup | The Register
: “Silicon Graphics, the incredible shrinking workstation maker, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to news wires.”

I can’t believe it. SGI and their IrixOS has been a bane of my existence for years. I will miss them, but I spent 5 years more or less abusing our 4 Challenger servers at the old Division of the Environment, and trying to get MOOs to compile on it. The times they are a changing.

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